4 Reasons why It is Important to invest in Electronic Door Locks for your Home

Gone were the days when our only option to lock our doors and gates is the chain or latch with padlock and keys. While those items have served their purposes well, so do the forms of tresspasses and burglaries in today’s world. Thus, innovations in door locks have made their appearances on the global market in the forms of digital door lock and electronic door lock. Electronic door locks refer to the automated locks we often see in hotels and high end buildings where instead of the usual locks and keys, they are using cards and swipe/tap machines to gain access to a premise. These electronic door locks made properties look more secure and sophisticated. For this reason, landed properties are often using electronic door locks nowadays. Digital door lock is another term for electronic door locks.

In Singapore, digital door locks are not solely used for commercial buildings. One can find digital door locks in many residential properties due to the enhanced security with ease permitted access homeowners loved. Here at Liminal, we are offering digital door locks from various brands with trusted quality and proven security. Secure your home and business with the best in automated technology through our range of digital door locks today.



Electronic & Digital Door Locks in Singapore are innovative solutions to keep your loved ones, employees, assets, and other important things safe from harm. We all know how this time becomes more dangerous than years ago. Thus, we also need to toughen up the security measures in our properties. With Liminal, you can find electronic door locks as well as digital locks for gates with a proven streamlined authentication process that does not compromise the security features they possess. These locks also come with aesthetic designs to match your modern lifestyle and home or office designs.

4 Reasons why It is important to invest in Electronics Door Locks for your Home:

- Enhanced Child Safety

One of our worries as homeowners is that our children may stray out of the house or in restricted rooms when left unsupervised. Some electronic door locks have features to automatically and remotely lock the doors in a set time. It will also be easier for you to unlock them with a few clicks or a single swipe.

- Efficient key code updates

You may easily change your key code in a digital door lock in case you think your passcode has slipped. Unlike traditional locks where you will need expert builders to rework the carpentry.

- Remote Access Granting

Electronic door locks are also convenient when you are away and someone need access to your property. You can simply give the code through a phone call to allow entrance.

- More Stylish Look

Digital door locks are seamless and have state of the art designs. This makes them more appealing than traditional locks that tend to rust.

a. Are electronic door locks worth it?

Yes, they are. Electronic door locks offer a seamless way to enhance the security within your property. They also have various unlocking mechanisms such as password, pin code and card locks to effectively give access only to those you allow to enter your property.

b. Can electronic door locks be hacked?

Just as any other security devices, electronic door locks can also be hacked. This is the very reason that you need to invest only in the most reputable brands of digital door locks as they offer more intricate mechanisms to prevent hacking.

c. Which digital lock is best?

Liminal offers the best digital door locks in Singapore. We carry the world’s top brands such as Samsung, EPIC, KEYWE and more. Browse our electronic door locks collection today for the most ideal security device for your property.

d. Are electronic door locks safer?

Electronic door locks offer a safer way to grant and prevent access to your property. They come with various access control systems that make it easier for you to enter your property while keeping unauthorised people locked out.

e. What should I look for in a digital door lock?

When shopping for digital door locks, be sure to check the access control features and choose the one that offers what you prefer. For instance, you may want electronic door locks with card access if you find it difficult to memorise passcode.

f. What kind of door lock is most secure?

Digital door locks are among the most secure door locking systems today. They automate the locking and unlocking process and minimise the risk of lock picking that is prevalent in typical locks.