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Gone were the days when our only option to lock our doors and gates is the chain or latch with padlock and keys. While those items have served their purposes well, innovations in door locks have made their appearances on the global market in the forms of digital door lock and electronic door lock. In Singapore, these locks are not solely used for commercial buildings. One can find digital door locks in many residential properties due to the enhanced security with ease permitted access homeowners loved. Here at Liminal, we are offering automated locks from various brands with trusted quality.




Electronic & Digital Door Locks in Singapore are innovative solutions to keep your loved ones, employees, assets, and other important things safe from harm. We all know how this time becomes more dangerous than years ago. Thus, we also need to toughen up the security measures in our properties. With Liminal, you can find electronic door locks as well as digital locks for gates with a proven streamlined authentication process that does not compromise the security features they possess. These locks also come with aesthetic designs to match your modern lifestyle and home or office designs.