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Fire-rated door is a special type of door that is tested and proven to have a level of fire resistance. Hence, it will not combust (or will take longer to combust) in case of fire. Fireproof materials are used to make HDB fire-rated doors in Singapore that are often used in commercial buildings. While some buildings today are already constructed with HDB fire rated doors for safety purposes, you can install one in your property should you wish to shift to a fire-rated door in the future. Replacing your ordinary doors with fire-rate doors can save lives!

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Why Choose Liminal HDB Fire Rated Door

The last thing you would want to catch on fire is your door. Imagine being trapped during a fire incident and the closed door is in flames. Where will you go through to exit the place? Here at Liminal, we only source the most quality HDB fire rated doors to offer to our clients. We know the importance of a fire rated door in any property. Thus, we aim to protect you and your investments with a good quality HDB fire rated door. Moreover, our selection of fire rated doors came in various designs to suit your interior design.