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Slide & Swing

Our toilet door is probably one of the most private parts of the house. Some homeowners even have their own ensuite bathroom inside their bedroom for privacy and convenience. Thus, it is not surprising that we tend to consider the best possible materials to make our bathroom more functional and aesthetically pleasing. One of the things homeowners often consider in their bathroom renovation is the bathroom door. In general, there are slide and swing toilet doors that you can use for your bathroom. Here at Liminal, we offer a wide range of designs for both slide and swing toilet doors in Singapore.


Residential, commercial and industrial properties share a common denominator, they are vulnerable to fire. Safeguarding these areas in case of fire incidents can save lives and assets. A fire-rated door can help to slow or stop the spread of fire in your home. This safeguards your loved ones and possessions during unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a fire, HDB fire-rated doors also provide protection from inhaling smoke and hazardous gases.

Smoke and hazardous gas can swiftly travel throughout your home during fire, which often makes rescue operations difficult. With the smoke protection offered by fire-rated doors, you are providing the fire rescue team a support to efficiently do their job and save more lives.

You can provide a well-rounded fire protection approach with an HDB fire rated door. The following are the most advantageous applications for fire-rated doors:

  • Allow for quick and effective evacuation of occupants in the event of a fire.
  • Reduce the amount of property damage.
  • Assist in preventing the fire from spreading by containing it, as well as the smoke and poisonous fumes released.
  • Assist in the prevention of not only fires but also burglaries and other threats to your facility.

Every fire-resistant door has its own fire rating that indicates how long it can survive a fire. The duration of a fire might range from thirty minutes to four hours. The higher the fire and smoke resistance rating, the longer the door will last. Consider getting an HDB fire-rated door with good fire resistance rating, especially for areas that are located further inside your properties.

When you have a newly built home to secure or a business property that needs tougher protection against unauthorised access, you will have to buy several security solutions at once. This may result in overwhelming expenses that will add to your current bills for building or renovating your properties. Should you see yourself facing this predicament, our digital lock promotion can help.

We at Liminal Singapore are always committed to providing affordable and reliable security solutions for homes and offices no matter how big or small the requirements are. Our digital lock promotion is one of the solutions we offer to help you secure your entire property without straining your budget. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for our digital lock promotions today:

  • Affordability

    Buying several locks from our digital lock promotion will give you the convenience of cutting off some of the expenses as compared to buying locks outside our promo bundles. This works best for those who are in need of several security locks for their properties.

  • Reliability

    You can rest assured that while our digital lock promotion offers more affordable products, they are of good quality and can perform their functions well. Our digital lock promotion showcases products from brands such as KEYWE, EPIC, Samsung and more. These brands have good reputations in the global market with their state of the art technology and long product lifespan.

  • Uniformity

    Another great advantage of buying from our digital lock promotion is that this will make uniformity possible for your home and office security solutions in Singapore. It will not be difficult to have uniformed locks for all the rooms in your property for aesthetic and functional purposes.

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Despite the number of things you are not allowed to renovate in an HDB flat, it is good to know that you can add a touch of your personal preferences in your unit from time to time. One of the things you can personalise for your HDB flat is the main door. Did you know that by merely upgrading the HDB main door, you are upping the market value of your property? Thus, investing in an aesthetically pleasing and secure HDB main door is essential for a comfortable living and your future plans. Here are some reasons to choose Liminal’s HDB main door collection if you wish to update your home’s interior soon:

  • Our HDB main doors are manufactured from South Korea where they underwent intricate fabrication processes and several quality checks.
  • Each HDB main door we offer is fabricated using high pressure lamination to produce quality and lasting laminated designs.
  • We offer tons of designs for your HDB main door. Thus, you will not run out of options that will match your interior design.