Frequently ASked Questions

Our digital locks are mainly from Korea.

We will liaise for a site viewing when required, when one is changing the door/gate. Site measurement will only be scheduled upon confirmation of purchase.

At Liminal, we provide our personal team. Our sales consultant and installers who takes pride in their work and will provide the best support for all our cilents. The Digital Lock installation will take anywhere between 2–3 hours for completion, whereas for door and gate will take about 1–2 hours. If you will be changing all Digital Lock, door and gate, the whole process will be 4–6 hours.

Programming is done by pressing the registration button located at the back of the lock. Not to worry, as our technicians will be able to guide you along for the Digital Lock usage upon installation completion. Alternatively, you will be able to access YouTube for the programming of Digital Lock videos.

The articles are either false or they are not exactly aware of the functionality of Digital Locks.

If your Digital Lock comes with card function, 4 access cards will be provided to you.

You may do so however upon removal of the Digital Lock, there will be holes in the door. The new homeowners may have to get another Digital Lock or change the door entirely.

As (might steel and wrought iron) gates are made using carbon steels, allowing them to be wield. It’s inevitable that the gates may rust overtime. If you’d prefer a 100% rust proof gate, you may opt for the stainless-steel gate instead.

For bedroom doors, we are unable to achieve 100% proofing as there will be a slight gap at the side/bottom which allows the sound to pass through. However, bedroom doors can be made with laminate which is more durable and water-resistant.

Liminal Singapore provides a wide range of gates and doors selection in terms of both colours and designs. To best select your preferred choice, it will be best to book an appointment with us and swing by our showroom for further viewing.

New Gate Digital Lock models will be equipped with the capacity of scanning your fingerprint from the inside to exit (whereas old models require remote usage). As of now, only the Epic 6G Gate Digital Lock and Keywe Damien Gate Lock has the function.

The Push-Pull handle is definitely more durable as during production, the locks will be cyclically tested to ensure its strength and durability. The Push-Pull handle models are also installed on landed properties (main doors) and has been functioning well.

Brand perception, functionality and price point. For Samsung, it is is more of an international brand. However, for the other brands we carry, we are the main contract and will be able to offer faster after-sales service if required.

We will not recommend installing your doors and gate first, until it’s at the last phase of renovation.

There are models that comes with the mechanical key. If the system fails, you will be able to manually unlock the digital lock by overriding it with the key. Digital locks are built-in with individual functions having separate motherboard. Should/if one function fails, the other functions will work. Alternatively, you may contact our technical hotline that will handle all emergencies. Feel free to contact us for any assistance.

No, as there are various levels of encryption involved. If one does not have the passcode or access, they will not be able to unlock the Digital Lock at all.

No as upon installation of Digital Lock(s), the existing holes in the doors will need to be modified. The holes are usually made bigger to accommodate the mortise lockset. By reverting back to the original mechanical lock, there will be holes left in the door.

Like all products, Digital Locks are susceptible to wear and tear. The average lifespan of one falls between 5–8 years, depending on the condition of care. Door closer will be recommended to be installed as it lessens door slamming.

The installation will not be infected by these factors as there will be a certain amount of shelter away, especially for HDBs and condominiums.

All Digital Locks comes with the “low battery indicator”. The low battery indicator will prompt you 1–2 weeks in advance before the battery dies, reminding you to switch the batteries in advance. However, in the case that the battery dies on you, you may either use the mechanical override key to unlock the Digital Lock or 9V battery to charge the lock from the outside.

Digital Lock warranty coverage consists of all manufacturers’ defects. All physical damage, including wear and tear, damages by 3rd party components are not covered. The warranty coverage is dependent on the brand purchased, and/if Digital Locks are purchased during “promotional period”, certain “promotional period” items may provide lesser duration in terms of warranty coverage.
Samsung – 1+1 Year Warranty
1st year – Full warranty, parts and labour covered. 2nd year – Parts warranty only, labour chargeable $80
Epic & Keywe – 1+2 Years Warranty
1st Year – Full warranty, parts and labour covered. 2nd & 3rd year – Parts warranty only, labour chargeable $80

For fast after-service assistance, you may contact your respective salesperson directly. Alternatively, feel free to contact our office hotline at +65 6917 4134.

For fast after-service assistance, you may contact your respective salesperson directly. Alternatively, feel free to contact our office hotline at +65 6917 4134.

For all purchases of doors, the standard accessories includes the hinges, door stopper and handle.

No, it’s optional unless required.

If you happen to reside within 3 meters of the lift or staircase, your main door has to be Fire-Rated. If your existing door is FR, the new door has to be as well.

There’s no best brand or model in the market. The Best Digital Lock varies, according to individual’s preference and requirements.

For all good things come with a price, as we believe that we will be able to deliver more than just competing on the price alone.

“What is this brand, have not heard before.”

Yes, however not all online dealers has a physical space or can be easily contactable. We truly believe that we are providing you not only the best quality, but a peace of mind and confidence when you purchase with us.

Mode of payment can be made via cash, cheque or NETS. For credit card and installments, options are available as well. Upon confirmation of purchase, a 70% deposit is required to facilitate the transaction and the remaining 30% has to be completed upon delivery and installation.

For all purchases with us, there will be complimentary installation unless otherwise stated.

Digital Lock, because for the added security and convenience. Most Digital Locks are equipped with anti-theft system and an added deterrence alarm. Most importantly, hassle free of not having to carry keys out and about.

Of course. You will need one with hook bolt mechanism for sliding doors.

We will most definitely advise against the usage of wooden material as moisture will be trapped and absorbed by the wood. This will in turn cause door warping overtime.

No, as our Slide & Swing Bathroom doors are made from the aluminum and acrylic, these materials are specially curated to ensure that non-rusting.

Models that has the access card and key override functions would be preferred, as it’s most often less intimidating and better as compared to fingerprint or passcode.

Not all Digital Locks are suitable for any and every door. For most Digital Locks, installation must be done on wooden doors that has minimum thickness required.

No for when you purchase with us, you will only be required to change your existing door panel. The door frame will remain. We highly do not recommend changing of door frames, unless you are intending a renovation.

With units being rented out, you may like to consider one with an access card function. Why? As access cards are easily handled as compared to fingerprint/passcode, and should the card be lost; it’s more easily replaceable. If you’d like, you may consider models with the remote access app function that permits you to unlock the lock from anywhere.

Digital Lock can be installed directly on the existing wooden door. However, certain requirements has to be made; door thickness to be at least 40mm, and at least 130mm space from door edge to any wooden trimmings that may be on door. If unsure, you may send a photo of your existing door to us for confirmation!

For Gate Digital Lock, it can be easily installed on the existing gate by either adding on a wooden panel, or replacing the gate’s mechanical handle with the new Gate Digital Lock. By adding on the wooden panel installation method, the existing gate’s mechanics would remain. You may choose to upgrade from wooden to metal panel at an additional $120. The installation method varies, according to the your selected model and existing gate design.